LAMiNATE Talks is seminar series that aims to foster interdisciplinary discussion on language acquisition, multilingualism and teaching. Talks are held every other Tuesday afternoon 15.15-16.30 CET, with participants not only from Lund but also with a wider audience.

The Talks series resumes on Septemebr 21 and will host 7 events with presentations given both by LAMiNATE members at Lund University and by international colleagues. The talks will continue in the virtual modality. 
Starting from the current semester, the majority of the talks will be structured into thematic blocks.

This autumn we will start with the theme The neurocognition of SLA that includes two talks on the structure, connections, and electrical activity of the second-language acquiring brain. The speakers in this theme are Prof. Peter Indefrey (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany; Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging & Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, The Netherlands) and Dr. Mikael Novén (Lund University) who will discuss changes in the neural electrical patterns of learners exposed to a new gender system, brain configurations and wirings that increase aptitude for specific language skills, and much more.

We then continue with two individual presentations from LAMiNATE members (Annika Andersson,  Hanna Lindfors & Kristina Hansson and Johanna Carlie, Roger Johansson & Jonas Brännström).

We will end with three talks on the theme of Teaching and Learning in Multilingual Classrooms. All three present classroom research where pedagogical translanguaging was implemented as a means of facilitating student learning through activating their prior knowledge. Jasone Cenoz discusses pedagogical translanguaging in the teaching of content classes whereas Tina Gunnarsson and Marie Källkvist & Henrik Gyllstad report research in L2 English classrooms, focusing on writing (Gunnarsson) and vocabulary learning (Källkvist & Gyllstad).

Everyone is most welcome!

Upcoming talks are announced through our mailing list as well as on Twitter.

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Autumn Programme 2021

Download the Talks programme with abstracts for all presentations here.

Following the tradition of the "academic quarter" LAMiNATE Talks start at 15.15. The tradition is said to date back to the time when students had to rely on the Cathedral bells to get to lectures on time. Read more about the phenomenon in the Academic Glossary.

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