LAMiNATE (Language Acquisition, Multilingualism, and Teaching) is a cross-disciplinary interdepartmental research platform dedicated to all areas of language acquisition, multilingualism, and language teaching/assessment. Research in these fields has a long tradition at Lund University and hosts many prominent scholars in the field, but until now there has not been a formal research structure centred on this research. LAMiNATE provides an opportunity to create a sustainable and resilient research environment allowing researchers to meet and develop their research, promoting capacity-building through strengthened collaborations, and the development of innovative strategic research plans for future cutting-edge research.

LAMiNATE is funded by the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology.

The LAMiNATE symbol is two shades of blue. It holds the name LAMiNATE. All letters are capitals except the i. The dot above the i also acts as a stop to a blue line on top of the name that bends down at the end of the name and underlines it on top of two stacked lines.
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