LAMiNATE Members

All LAMiNATE members are listed below. NB: this page is under construction, links and pics will be added.

Anders Agebjörn

Gilbert Ambrazaitis

Annika Andersson

Ketty Andersson

Petra Bernardini

Anna Flyman Mattsson

Johan Frid

Sabine Gosselke Berthelsen

Jonas Granfeldt

Maria Graziano

Marianne Gullberg

Henrik Gyllstad

Peter Gärdenfors

Kristina Hansson

Alastair Henry

Victoria Johansson

Mikael Johansson

Roger Johansson

Tomas Jungert

Marie Källkvist

Lara Langensee

Martin Malmström

Johan Mårtensson

Ulrika Nettelbladt

Jens Nirme

Mikael Novén

Elin Nylander 

Carita Paradis

Mikael Roll

Eva-Kristina Salameh

Sven Strömqvist

Lari-Valtteri Suhonen

Vi Thanh Son

Frida Splendido

Antonio Vázquez

Malin Ågren


The LAMiNATE symbol is two shades of blue. It holds the name LAMiNATE. All letters are capitals except the i. The dot above the i also acts as a stop to a blue line on top of the name that bends down at the end of the name and underlines it on top of two stacked lines.

Download the LAMiNATE Symbol

LAMiNATE members can rightclick the image above and choose "Save picture as" to download the symbol for use on slides in related conference presentations and outreach events.