Platform Leaders and Coordinators

Platform Leaders

Marianne Gullberg, professor of psycholinguistics and director of Lund University Humanities Lab. Gullberg studies acquisition and real time language use in adult L2 and multilingual speakers, targeting semantics, discourse, and gesture production and comprehension. 

Jonas Granfeldt, professor of French linguistics. Granfeldt has a wide interest in different modes of language acquisition, including comparative work on early bilingualism, child and adult L2 acquisition with a focus on morphosyntax and lexicon, but he also works in educational linguistics focusing on modern languages and foreign language policy. 

Platform Coordinators

Maria Graziano is a researcher and educational developer at Lund University Humanities Lab. Graziano‚Äôs research targets first language acquisition from a multimodal perspective. She studies the development of speech and gesture in narrative discourse in children, and crosslinguistic differences in adult gestural behavior. 

Frida Splendido is a senior lecturer of Swedish as a second and foreign language. Splendido studies phonetic-phonological aspects of child second language acquisition and bilingual first language acquisition. 

A screen capture of a zoom meeting with four participants: Marianne Gullberg, Maria Graziano, Jonas Granfeldt and Frida Splendido. They are all looking into the camera. Maria and Frida are smiling.
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