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June 2022

Jonas Granfeldt has been elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities (Vitterhetsakademien). Information in Swedish here.

May 2022

Marianne Gullberg and colleague's paper: Hofweber, J., Aumônier, L., Janke, V., Gullberg, M., & Marshall, C. (2022). Breaking into language in a new modality: The role of input and of individual differences in recognising signs. Frontiers in Psychology, 13(895880). doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2022.895880


April 2022

After the LAMiNATE conference in January 2022, we interviewed the three keynote speakers, Elizabeth Lanza, Ping LI and Luke Plonsky, about their research interests, what got them started in the field and  how they see the future of research in their respective fields. You can see the interviews here.

March 2022

Susan Sayehli, Marianne Gullberg, Annika Andersson and colleague's paper: Sayehli, S., Gullberg, M., Newman, A. J., & Andersson, A. (2022). Native word order processing is not uniform: An ERP study of verb-second word order. Frontiers in Psychology, 13(668276). doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2022.668276

January 2022

In order to celebrate its first year, the LAMiNATE research platform organized an online, scientific conference held on January 13–14, 2022.

Several LAMiNATE members and three invited speakers presented their work. See details here.

December 2021

Jonas Granfledt and colleague's paper: Granfeldt, J. & Morehed, S. (2021) Att utveckla hörförståelse. State of the art included in Språksprånget, Reception. Text commissioned by the Swedish National Agency for Education.

Johan Mårtensson interviewed by Vetenskapsradion: insights on new findings from Claudio Brozzoli's group on how get better at certain aspects of language. Listen to the interview here (in Swedish).

Kristina Hansson, Ketty Andersson & colleagues' paper: Rosqvist, I., Andersson, K., Sandgren, O., Lyberg-Åhlander, V., Hansson, K., & Sahlén, B. (2021). Word definition skills in elementary school children – the contribution of bilingualism, cognitive factors, and social factors. International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology.

Pia Sundqvist, Erica Sandlund, Marie Källkvist and Henrik Gyllstad are guest editors for a special issue of the journal Languages: Language Practices in English Classrooms – from Primary School to Higher Education

Simone Löhndorf (supervised by LAMiNATE member Carita Paradis) successfully defend her PhD thesis in General Linguistics. Thesis title Development of adjectival use and meaning structures in students' written production. 15/12/2021, Lund University. Abstract here.

October 2021

Marianne Gullberg interviewed by Skolverket: Gester öppnar ett fönster mot flerspråkighet. Read it here.



LAMiNATE members Anna Flyman Mattsson, Kristina Hansson, Victoria Johansson and Johan Mårtensson discussed past, present and future with a roundtable in the Future Week (18 Oct). Listen to the podcast here.



The New Society of Letters in Lund PhD Thesis Awards 2021 "in recognition of their outstanding research and dissertation[s]":

  • Chiara GargiuloOn L1 Attrition and Prosody in Pronominal Anaphora Resolution (Italian, 2020)
  • Mikael NovénBrain anatomical correlates of perceptual phonological proficiency and language learning aptitude (General linguistics, 2021)


LAMiNATE celebrates the 20th anniversary of the European Day of Languages (Sep. 26th)  with a pod featuring Marianne Gullberg, Jonas Granfeldt & Sven Strönqvist. Listen to it here.

Jonas Granfeldt also published a text (in Swedish) about the 20th anniversary. Read it here

Henrik Gyllstad's paper: Gyllstad, H. (2021). The Ontogenesis Model: How do multiword units fit in, and are most lexical representations in the L1 really at their optima? Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 1-2. doi:10.1017/S1366728921000730

Henrik Gyllstad, Marie Källkvist & colleagues' chapter: Sundqvist, P., Gyllstad, H., Källkvist, M. & Sandlund, E. (2021). Mapping Teacher Beliefs and Practices About Multilingualism: The Development of the MultiBAP Questionnaire.

Marie Källkvist & colleague's paper: Juvonen, P. & Källkvist, M. (2021). Pedagogical Translanguaging: Theoretical, Methodological and Empirical Perspectives – An Introduction.

Marie Källkvist & colleague's paper: Källkvist, M. & Juvonen, P. (2021): Engaging Teachers and Researchers in Classroom Research: Issues of Fluidity and Time in Two Multi-Sited Projects.

Marie Källkvist’s co-edited volume: Päivi Juvonen & Marie Källkvist (2021). Pedagogical Translanguaging: Theoretical, Methodological and Empirical Perspectives. More info here

Malin Ågren & colleagues' paper: Ågren, M., Michot,M-E., Granget, C., Gerolimich, S., Hadermann, P. & Stabarin, I. (2021). Les copains *dit au revoir. On subject-verb agreement in L2 Franch and Crosslinguistic Influence. Languages, 6(1), 7.



Emily Grenner (co-supervised by LAMiNATE member Victoria Johansson) successfully defended her PhD thesis in Speech and language pathology, audiology. Thesis title: Observational learning for narrative writing in elementary school: Text quality and self-efficacy in students with normal hearing and students with hearing loss. 09/09/2021, Lund University. Link to the thesis here.


Annika Schimpff (supervised by LAMiNATE member Marianne Gullberg) will defend her MA thesis in general linguistics on 27/08, 13:15, on Zoom. Thesis title: Cognate effects in intra-sentential codeswitching in trilinguals - evidence from a read-aloud task. More info here

Marie Källkvist’s invited talk: Monolingual – Bilingual – Multilingual Tensions in Higher Education (co-presented with Francis M. Hult). World Congress of Applied Linguistics (AILA), Groningen, 15-20/8 2021.

Marianne Gullberg's invited talk: An introduction to Latest research on gesture and second language acquisition: Production, perception, and classroom. World Congress of Applied Linguistics (AILA), Groningen, 15-20/8 2021. (Featured speaker in Symposium ReN: Latest research on gesture and second language acquisition: Production, perception, and classroom).

JULY 2021

Marianne Gullberg's invited talk: Multimodal embodied SLA – from speech and gestures to sign language. Language Learning Roundtable on Learning second languages through multimodal input. EUROSLA 30 (European Second Language Association), Barcelona, June 30-July 3, 2021.

JUNE 2021

Alastair Henry and colleauges' paper: Henry, A., Thorsen, C., & MacIntyre, P. D. (2021). Willingness to communicate in a multilingual context: part one, a time-serial study of developmental dynamics. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 1-20. DOI: 10.1080/01434632.2021.1931248

Alastair Henry and colleagues' paper: Henry, A., Thorsen, C., & MacIntyre, P. D. (advance access). Willingness to communicate in a multilingual context: part two, person-context dynamics. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 1-16. DOI: 10.1080/01434632.2021.1935975

Henriette Arndt's grant: A tool for video language analysis. The grant is based at the Lund University Humanities lab.

Petra Bernardini's grant: MITA – Mother tongue Interaction and Training Application. The grant is based at the Centre for Languages and Literature

Ketty Andersson, Roger Johansson & colleagues's paper: Brännström, K. J., Rudner, M., Carlie, J., Sahlén, B., Gulz, A., Andersson, K., & Johansson, R. (2021). Listening effort and fatigue in native and non-native primary school children. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 210, 105203. Read the article here

Marianne Gullberg's plenary talk: The bimodal nature of discourse - how speech and gesture achieve cohesion across languages, genres, and native/non-native users. [plenary] CLARC 2021 Language and Culture, Rijeka, Jun 24-26, 2021.

Marianne Gullberg's plenary talk: Gesture analysis promotes a non-deficit view of semantic development in first and second language acquisition. The Second International Workshop on Multimodal Language Acquisition. Copenhagen, 23/6, 2021.


Marianne Gullberg's plenary talk: More than just handwaving: Gestures and meaning in multilingual language use. LingCologne2021: Multilingualism. June 10-11, 2021. 

Henriette Arndt, Jonas Granfeldt & Marianne Gullberg (2021). Reviewing the potential of the Experience Sampling Method (ESM) for capturing second language exposure and use. Second Language Research. doi:10.1177/02676583211020055

May 2021

Anders Agebjörn successfully defended his PhD dissertation Learning of Definiteness by Belarusian Students of Swedish as a Foreign Language, obtaining the title of Doctor in Swedish as Second Langauge, University of Gothenburg, 21/5/2021.

Jonas Granfeldt, Susan Sayehli & Malin Ågren (2021). Trends in the study of Modern languages in Swedish lower secondary school (2000 – 2018) and the impact of grade point average enhancement credits. Education Inquiry, 12:2, 127-146, DOI: 10.1080/20004508.2020.1790099

April 2021

Annika Andersson interviewed in Logopeden on the MAW project with a focus on developmental language disorder as a domain specific or domain general disorder in children.

March 2021

Marianne Gullberg's invited talk: A linguistic perspective on multimodal sustained (learner) discourse. Workshop on Multimodal data transcription and analysis: methodologies and tools to advance your work. The Annual Conference of the American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Houston, TX, 23/3, 2021.

Carita Paradis' invited talk: The new London-Lund Corpus (LLC-2): Authentic speech in the 21st century. Shanghai Center for Research in English Language Education (SCRELE), Shanghai International Studies University, 19/3/2021.


Annika Andersson was interviewed in Smålandsposten by Bo Strömberg under the headline "Flerspråkighet, SES och hjärna."

Marianne Gullberg & colleagues' invited talk:
Suurmeijer, L.,M.C. Parafita Couto, & Gullberg, M. Structural and extralinguistic aspects of code-switching: Evidence from Papiamentu-Dutch auditory sentence matching. Bilingualism-Mind-Brain Talks, Pennsylvania State/University of California, Irvine, 22/2, 2021.

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