The European Day of Languages

As you know, every year on Sept. 26 we mark the European Day of Languages to celebrate linguistic diversity in Europe, languague learning, and multilingualism.


LAMiNATE celebrated the European Day of Languages on September 26 through three activities at SOL.

  • Language Challenges: Use your language skills to solve problems. Visitors were invited to try out tongue twisters in different langauges and guess what signs from the Swedish Sign Languages mean. But the most popular challenge was to guess what language artists were singin in in music videos. Try it you too on the Language Guesser's website.
  • Ask a researcher: LAMiNATErs were present to answer questions about language acquisition and teaching, Swedish as a second langauge, language disorders and pronunciation teaching.
  • Open lecture: LAMiNATE's Anna Flyman Mattson gave an open lecture about mother tongue instruction in Sweden.



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