LAMiNATE Talks is seminar series that aims to foster interdisciplinary discussion on language acquisition, multilingualism and teaching. Talks are held every other Tuesday afternoon 15.15-16.30 CET, with participants not only from Lund but also with a wider audience.

The Talks series resumes on September 20th and will host 7 events with presentations given both by LAMiNATE members at Lund University and by international colleagues. The talks will continue mostly in the virtual modality, but there will be some hybrid events when speakers can present onsite.

The majority of the talks will be structured into two thematic blocks. The first theme is Writing and writing development and is led by LAMiNATE member Victoria Johansson. 

Writing development is closely intertwined with the general linguistic development (in L1 as well as L2) during the school years and beyond. The linguistic features (such as grammatical, lexical and rhetorical aspects) acquired through writing will impact the overall linguistic and cognitive development – and at the same time, writing is in itself an important tool to learn. The two talks within this theme are given by Debra Myhill and Maria Levlin & Christian Waldmann. They focus on writing and writing development from an L1 perspective, and together they broadly address how the linguistic development is expressed in writing, including aspects of reading and writing difficulties and discussions about what happens after the school years. 


The second theme is Multilingualism and the psychology of language learning and teaching and is led by LAMiNATE member Alastair Henry.

Besides the thematic sessions, the remaining talsk are given by LAMiNATE members.

Complete schedule with abstracts can be downloaded from the left panel. 

Everyone is most welcome!

Upcoming talks are announced through our mailing list as well as on Twitter.

If you wish to be added to the mailing list, send an e-mail to: maria.grazianohumlab.luse


Poster for the autumn talks. Open to use screen reader.
Programme for the autumn talks. Open to use screen reader.

Following the tradition of the "academic quarter" LAMiNATE Talks start at 15.15. The tradition is said to date back to the time when students had to rely on the Cathedral bells to get to lectures on time. Read more about the phenomenon in the Academic Glossary.

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